Arcade fishing – Fun games – FEN YUN LIU


2017 the most popular fishing game!
Ultra-high rate, million people with the field, live network hi non-stop!

The first 2D and 3D platform with a large chess game platform, its 2D classic fishing, 3D fishing, Hong Kong five, Li Kui chi fish, gold toad fishing, big holy sea, who bustling, cattle, double buckle , Landlords, Stud, four, eight and many popular games, free daily free gold send!
Do not have to run the game hall of the most authentic arcade video game, the most basic love of the game community in the fun fishing! Everything here everything, and Gao Shuai together with the high up, and Bai Fu Mei won the prize!

—- Introduction to the game —-
New fishing adventure is a classic game to play the arcade games, with the arena, a hundred people Zuozhuang, dice, always music and other hot games, whether you are with the gunmen or want to dominate the martial arts can meet you!

—- game features —-
◆ restore the classic arcade fishing effect, brilliant picture, rich play, real friends fun and vivid!
◆ free benefits received soft, send gold coins to win the bill, do not spend money can still Hey jump fishing audience!
◆ the whole network live network fishing, fair and just, the real experience of arcade games city athletic pleasure!
◆ million people gathered in the arena, fishing experts gathered together, the peak of the battle when the strongest king!
◆ Wanzhao bombing, burst screen stimulation, easy straightforward function allows you to build a strong fort fishing fishing invincible!