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The path to Absolutism || The Universal Truth for all beings

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The ultimate teaching of the Lord Buddha is ; the endless desires for satisfying sense organs(Assada), the negative consequences of that (Adeenawa), and liberation or salvation from blind desires of the mind( Nissarana).

The negative consequences are called Anicha, Dukkha ,Anaththa and viparinama Damma.

Anichcha; Sense organs do not behave according to my favour, or are not the way I expect to be.

Dukkha; It makes unhappiness,worry,sad,and lament since the man expects things which are really not there.(sense organs) So it is said to be afraid in the sense of it distracts to the path of the Supreme bliss of nibbana.

Anaththa; It is worthless,vain,pointless,valueless and meaningless to have strong attachment with sense organs. Because it brings nothing meaningful though the man travels throughout the samsara.

Changing quality of Damma (viparinama); Damma keeps on changing. Therefore no one can expect long lasting happiness.

The ultimate path to attain from the state of Sowan to Arahant is listening to profound Damma discussions on “Saththisbodhipakshika Darma” according to Tripitaka.

May you all attain supreme bliss of Nibbana…!!!