APEX Quantum – APEX Defense Translation Inc.


With great confidence, we offer the “one stop” solution user needs for achieving success in Korean defense business with five core services: e-book on fundamentals of doing business in Korean defense market; defense related laws, regulation and guidelines to understand any acquisition process; news feed service on daily defense related affairs around Korea; translation/interpretation service in Korean and English language; and business consulting, which invites queries to be answered from 24 to 72 hours.

Quantum advisers are seasoned experts and veterans from ROK MND, ROKAF, ROKA, ROKN. Quantum wishes to launch this application with three key core values:
– Compliance is of the foremost importance, and there is zero room for concession. We do not respond to any type of query that goes against ROK, US, or other nations’ laws and regulations.
– Agility sets us apart from traditional defense consultants. With Quantum, user’s query will be responded in a timely manner as we have consultants from all fields of service background in house. The user doesn’t have to go to different business consultants for each of the different field.
– Economical price is secured thanks to our “one stop” solution. Unlike most defense advisory firms in Korea, Quantum is not retainer-based or incentive-based service. Rather we provide a need-based service, which only targets one question at a time at user’s specific circumstance. Compared to retainer or incentive contract, the need-based and lean approach brings economical advantage for Quantum users.

The five menus in Quantum each serve for different user interest:

1. E-Book: Quantum offers a list of literature (E-Book) to provide better insights on Korean defense procurement process to our user. Some examples of topics covered in the E-book are as follows: Basics on Korean Government defense procurement; understanding acquisition requirements planning, RFP development process, defense offset, defense budgeting, sample strategy on mid-term acquisition program, etc. More E-Books will be published to help user deepen his or her understanding of Korea’s defense program. The app’s library function will enable the user to access to his E-Book at any time and anywhere.

2. Reference: Quantum offers a list of legal references translated by the Quantum team to deliver better understanding in Korea’s defense law and regulation. “Defense Acquisition Program Act” which is the very ground to govern defense acquisition program of Korea is currently listed as well as numbers of DAPA guidelines. More References will be published to help user deepen his or her legal knowledge in Korean defense field. The app’s library function will enable the user to access to his E-Book at any time and anywhere.

3. Defense Consulting: Quantum offers online advisory service to anyone interested in understanding Korea’s defense industry and business practice. Being online and accessible at any time and anywhere, Quantum aims to provide the most agile advisory solution to all user’s query on Korean defense market as long as the query does not violate law of any interested government or risk the good-faith business ethics. User will have Quantum team’s response within 24 to 72 hours.

4. Translation/Interpretation: Quantum’s translation and interpretation is provided through APEX Defense Translation team who are former ROKAF interpreting officers and seasoned in military/defense acquisition field. Quantum’s menu allows user to submit his RFQ to APEX’s email account.

5. Defense News: Quantum offers news feed service, in a timely manner, on Korea’s national security and defense industry, with each article condensed to 100 words to include only facts, delivered daily along with Defense Acquisition Program Administration notices.

Through the ethical, agile and economical advisory platform, Quantum truly believes that its platform can contribute to making Korea’s defense business and program fairer and more transparent.