Animals JFLF: domestic wild quiz games for kids – Siarhei Kurachkin


The LOWEST PRICE till Free version release!

Animals JFLF is a useful application for toddlers and young kids to learn animals.
The app is made to teach kids and check of their knowledge.
After completing the quiz, kids can earn animated animal stickers as a reward. With the rewards kids can play on the playground.

– Lots of animations.
– Attractive and colourful design.
– Domestic and wild animals sections.
– Real life high definition pictures with added animated stickers to make learning funny.
– Real life sounds of animals (giraffe’s sound is missing because the animal is generally quiet and non-vocal).
– Funny animated stickers to represent each animal.
– 5 different quizzes will check of knowledge, help if needed, give a prize for good and excellent result.
– Random questions for quizzes.
– Playgrounds that represent animal habitat.
– The wide range of settings to maximise utility.