Analyzemix – Safak Saylam

Analyzemix is ​​an application designed for detailed Instagram analysis and includes the following free features in its first version.

Secret story watching
The followers you don’t follow
The users you follow who do not follow you
Has the user blocked you?
My stories
My followers
My Post Stats
Who viewed my profile.
Lost Followers
The ones who like you the most
Most comments for you
Most liked posts
Posts with the most comments
Least likes
Least commenters
Posts with the least likes
Posts with the least comments

Analyzemix is ​​planned to include the following features in future versions.

Earned Followers
Your secret fans
Your best friends
The most liked watch
The least liked watch
Most commented hours
Least comment hour
Most liked filters by filter
Filters with the most comments by filters
Least liked filters by filter
The least commented filters according to the filters
Those who never liked
No comments
Who tagged you
Your most likes
Your last favorites
The followers you like the most
The followers you like least
Users who blocked you
Earned followers
Lost followers
Viewers of your profile
Viewers of your story
Those who watch a secret story without following
Most ministers
Least ministers
Viewers I don’t follow
Comment deletes
Those who remove the likes
Those who deleted their post with you

Compare Your Relationship
Tracking status
Most liked watch
Most commented hours
Least admired watch
Least commented hour

Compare Likes
Compare Reviews

Compare followers
Compared to tracked
Compared to Number of Posts
Total review compared
Compared to total likes

Analyzemix will be offered free of charge for a certain period of time. We wish you good luck.