Americannery – Vemuz Mobile, Inc.

About us

Americannery is a family owned company. Our Balboa Island store is the first of its kind in the US. On our shelves, you will find a wide range of preservatives & colorants free fish products coming from France. Among them is one product so iconic, it became our signature: the Balboette!

How to eat our Balboettes (spreads)

They are ready to enjoy as an appetizer or a meal.

Spread on crackers or toasts, and served with a glass of wine, they will take you away to France!

For an easy way to fix a meal… mix our Balboettes in a potato, pasta or rice salad. Find our recipes on Insta @americannery.newportbeach

You may as well make yourself a sandwich with our Balboettes and your favorite bread!

Bon appétit!