Ambulance Rescue Simulator 2017 Pro – Coding Squares


Ambulance Rescue Simulation 2017 :
Get ready to extinguish all burning obstacles in many places of the city. Ambulance Rescue Simulation 2017 is a thrilling game which gives you a variety of stunts and missions so start engine and tap speed to save life of the people of your city. Being a real ambulance driver your duty is to drive ambulance and reach at a burning site or a accident side. A real drive begins from level 1. The task of fire crew attempts to damp down the fire on the helicopter. In next levels there is a cars, restaurants, steak house, automobile station, parks, school, and many other places where accident occur. But you have a limited petrol tank to reach the occasion. So show your heroic skills to save the city from fire. Ambulance Rescue Simulation 2017 is a unique game for simulation lovers. Simulate your driving skills by driving a rescue car and bear out your city from the furious blaze.
Features :
Dual duty game. Drive a fire brigade and dampen down the city.
Multiple effected sites in city like parks, schools, restaurants etc.
Limited time to soak everything from high beam blaze.
Enjoy a sim of driving a feel yourself like a real fireman.
Limited water tank to put out city from danger.
Outclass graphics with advanced GUI.