Amazing Penguin Run – Florian Porkert

“Beautiful graphics! :)”
“A great game”
“Suitable for any age!”

The penguins have gone crazy! They jump around all the time. Now it’s your turn. Take control over one of the 3 penguins.

This exciting game is not just for kids. It is a lot of fun for all ages. First you must choose a penguin. Not all penguins are available from the very beginning. During the game you can collect gems. With these gems you can unlock new penguins for playing.

During the game you need to react very fast. You need to dodge the enemies. There are many icebergs. If you don’t reach the next iceberg the game will end. Now try to reach more high scores!


→ Exciting atmosphere
→ Cool music
→ Easy to play
→ Is a lot of fun
→ Gorgeous graphics
→ You can play with 3 penguins
→ Game Center supported