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Whether you’re a new or seasoned kidney transplant recipient, AlloCare can make managing your day-to-day health easier. Stay on track with everything at your fingertips and easily monitor all your vital health metrics with an app designed just for you.

Manage medications, track fluids, blood pressure, steps, and mood all in one place. See your long-term trends, dive into the daily details, and reach every goal.

AlloCare seamlessly integrates data from Apple Health, bluetooth devices, and third-party apps you already use, so it’s all here.

Stay on track
Sticking to your daily regimen, keeping up with daily activities, taking medications on time, and regular testing are all critically important and major contributors to your transplant health.

Stay in control
Allocare is designed to help you stay on schedule, enabling you to set prompts and reminders to give you a little nudge when you need it.

Stay engaged
Everyone can use a bit of extra motivation to keep up the great work. Available at a glance, your AlloCare Score calculates your progress to show how well you’re meeting your goals.

Stay in the know
Read the latest clinical breakthroughs, useful tips to live a healthy lifestyle, and important articles curated just for you. Share your POV and gain valuable insights from other’s comments. And finally, access to electronic copies of educational materials, right in your pocket.

Stay connected
See upcoming webinars, nearby events, and group meetings delivered right in the app, it’s easier than ever to stay involved in the community.

Features of AlloCare:

AlloCare Score
The Allocare Score provides an overall metric that answers one simple question: “How well am I taking care of myself and my transplant?” The score, generated from multiple metrics including medication regimen adherence, healthy behavior, and lab testing, can be used by transplant patients to take control of their health, and by providers to gain insight into potential health issues.

Medication Management
• Create your daily medication schedule using data from your clinical records from Apple Health Kit.
• Get medication reminders
• Log medications taken
• Easily keep medication list updated
• Enter medication from your health record

Wellness Activities
• Track fluids, blood pressure, steps, weight, mood
• Manage activity goals with reminders
• Wearable supported & allows you to track measurements from other devices

Transplant Content
• Get helpful articles & videos
• See upcoming events
• Access educational materials on the go

Lab Scheduling
• Schedule blood-draws
• Get lab reminders
• See previous labs completed

Bring the caring home.