Al-Haqq Foundation – RAWDAH, LLC

Our intention with the help of Allah(SWT) is to promote the teaching of the Qur’an and the Sunnah of our beloved prophet Muhammad(SAW).

The Al-Haqq Foundation caters to the social and spiritual needs of the Muslim community by providing space for five daily prayers, Jummah prayers and other educational and social services to the community.

Now introducing its first iOS app, followed by the iWatch app. Here are some characteristics which will be present in the app:

– Masjid Services
– Volunteer Services
– Membership
– Donations
– Live Streaming
– Prayer Timings
– Masjid Location
– Masjid Events
– Islamic Collection (Dua, Azkar, Quotes and Hadith)
– Ramadan Timings & Events
– Promotions (Local Business)
– Ask Imam (Q&A and FAQ)