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Base maintenance layovers come with loads of information exchanged between the MRO and the operator – posing a challenge for both sides. In the midst of hundreds of emails, phone calls, notes and paper-based reports it is easy to miss the one information crucial for on-time delivery of an aircraft. AirGlance is bound to revolutionize the way this communication takes place. As a state-of-the-art application it digitalizes and streamlines information processes along base maintenance events and thus helps you to keep your layovers on track:
• Integrated Overview: Find all relevant information about your layovers – consolidated, user-friendly and to the point
• Living Report: Be ahead with your planning efforts with dynamic and immediate information about your layovers
• Effective Control: Keep a clear picture about priorities and actions – even during bustling project phases
• Precise Communication: Gain time for your more important tasks through efficient and transparent exchange of information

Currently still in beta phase, AirGlance already comes with a broad variety of features:
• Fleet Dashboard: Get an overview of your entire fleet and identify issues at the first glance
• Layover Dashboard: Catch the most important layover-related highlights and KPIs
• Layover Information: Find basic layover information such as contacts and contractual information
• TAT Items: Base your planning on early information about potential project issues and delays
• Actions: Establish a more efficient communication using approvals and information items
• Layover Progress: Monitor the progress of your layover based on the job card completion rate
• Milestone Completion: Confirm that your layover is on track by monitoring important milestones
• Push Notifications: Have immediate access to the latest developments around your aircraft

In order to support your work in the best possible way we are constantly enhancing these features. In ongoing trials during actual base maintenance events we collect feedback from operators and MROs – all to ensure that AirGlance can hold its promises in practice. Do you want a sneak preview? The next features to come are the following:
• Material Tracing: Exchange information on material status and follow up on critical parts
• Commercials: Check contractual details and monitor if your project is still on budget

While the AirGlance app exploits all your mobile device’s capabilities it also comes as a web application that is easily accessible from your back offices. This allows you to use AirGlance from everywhere – no matter if you are at the office, the aircraft or the hotel bar!

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