Air Mentor 2 – Po Yuan Huang


Air Mentor 2 is a real time Indoor Air Quality Monitor that can detect most gas pollution and dust pollution suggested by WHO indoor air quality report.

-Air Mentor 2 measures the indoor air quality by reading six indexes in the air: Temperature, Humidity, CO2, TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds), and Particle Matters (PM2.5、PM10). Real time air quality is display with 5-color soft breathing light.
-Record the historical data in Air Cloud and monitor the air quality change through app.
-Analyzes the history patterns and give suggestions to users for air quality improvement by expert advising system.
-Provides users an event editor, simply tell the app what matters to you most, it will track daily air quality levels in a given range. The sensor will trigger alarm and send alerts to the app when air quality goes beyond the range.