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aio is your personal guide to better health and well-being. Through short daily conversations, and challenges, aio will help you create healthy habits in the areas of Rest, Drink, Breathe, Eat, Move and Mind. aio contains all the fundamental tools to create lasting changes and habits that sticks. Always there to motivate and support you on your journey of personal growth.

Included in your aio Journey:

● Aio is a comprehensive science-based personal guide-in-a-pocket, that will help you improve six main areas of your health.

● You’ll be guided through a life-changing journey, through short daily conversation helping you create healthy habits that sticks.

● With a comprehensive exercise library of video and audio sessions, including stretches, mobility, workouts, breathwork and meditations, aio will support and motivate you. By providing you with scientific and educational inputs in all of the six areas, to help you become the best version of yourself.

● Always ready to give you guidance, aio will help you combat stress or pain, whenever you need it, wherever you need it. With guided exercises tailored to your specific areas of discomfort.

Six key areas for a healthy life:

REST. Sleep is not just a time when your body rejuvenates its energy levels, and repair tissue. It is also a time when your immune system is thought to reset for the day ahead. During sleep you process, store and recall memories. When you sleep your brain eliminates potential neurotoxic waste products. The science is quite clear: if you want to live longer, you need healthy sleeping routines.

DRINK. Your body consists of ~70% water. When you hydrate properly, science shows that you improve your cognitive and even your physical performance. Getting enough fluids is not always easy in a busy life. Aio will help you creating awareness and routines to get enough.

BREATHE. It’s simple. You’re doing it right now. In fact, you’ve been doing it all your life. Natural breathing is simple and has an immense effect on your ability to cope with stress. It’s simply about applying the right techniques to regain control of your breathing and moving yourself from survival mode into recovery mode. Science shows that natural breathing exercises can improve learning skills helping it to improve the function of your mind. So – take a step back. Breathe. Refresh and Restart.

MOVE. Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep balance, you must keep moving. We tend to think of the body and mind as two separate matters. The beauty lies in the connection between the two. Re-discover your mind-body connection with exercises build to train your awareness, mobility, strength and endurance. aio will help you Move.

EAT. You are what you eat. Food is your fuel and supply the nutrients your body needs to repair and thrive. aio will guide you, and help you make good decisions, based of what you are currently doing. Not by judging or pointing fingers but by providing insights and let you eat in a way that works for you. – In the long run.

MIND. You have a mental reset button. Improve clarity, focus, concentration and memory – and have the potential to increase your empathy, patience, acceptance and self-awareness of your behaviors and thoughts. The quieter you become, the more you can hear – aio will teach you how.

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