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AI Temp是智能壁挂测温仪专用APP。通过本APP,用户可以直观的查看测温仪状态。
2. 用户可以用手机对测试数据进行个性化设置
3. 用户可以用手机对历史测试数据进行查询
4. 用户可以手机将测试数据进行上传保存
5. 当测试数据异常时,用户手机提供报警提示,
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AI Temp is a dedicated APP for intelligent Wall-mounted thermometer,Users can intuitively check the status of the thermometer throuth the APP
1. User can use mobile phone Bluetooth to connect wirelessly with the device
2. User can personalize the test data with the mobile phone
3. User can query historical test data with their mobile phone
4. User can upload and save test data on their mobile phone
5. When the test data is abnormal, the user’s mobile phone will provide an alarm prompt,
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