Age Calc – Calculate Your Age – Loan Lai

This application provide a simple user interface easy to use. just pick your birth day Age Calc provide your total age and next birthday upcoming birthday.

Age Calc Cornell and chronological age calculator we bring soon in this Age Calc so now enjoy this app. The extra feature’s in this app you get Total age in Years, Months, Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes, and even Seconds.

Add/Subtrack Days from Date calculator : this calculator provide your; your needed after or befor day and dates. its semple and easy to use. just pick day number this is hown your result.

Add member : Here you save your family member date of birth. just use you family member name and date of birth age Calc calculate here total age and save this date of birth and remind you every date with Notification.

Many children ask from their parents that what my age by my date of birth. Parents are not able to find their child current age and so they every time ask the question which is the simplest way to calculate age my date of birth or how to calculate the age of my child.

Age Calc App includes following features:

– Age Calculation
– Add Family and friends and remind you every date with Notification
– Add / Subtract Days from Date
– Age Difference