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Afinia Studio (IOS version) —- Created by Afinia 3D,

3D Printing Within Your Reach!

Don’t know how to design 3D models?
Afinia Studio provides 3D model library which includes free models you can download whenever and wherever you need them.
Convert your photo albums, pictures, 2D images whichever way you make them, into 3D models.
You can download your model files wherever they are, on the internet, or from your local storage. Afinia Studio manages your 3D model files in STL and UP3 format, and you can preview, fix, and store them in the Afinia Studio.

Have no 3D Printer?
Afinia Studio supports native slicing in real time, and preview.

Still need USB in the 3D Printer?
Afinia Studio (IOS version) supports all the Afinia’s wifi-enabled Afinia 3D Printers. You can operate the 3D printers wirelessly, and do slicing and printing.