AdBlocker BL – Andrey Tihonov

Protect your privacy with AdBlocker BL

We present you AdBlocker BL App.

There is new app with blocking ads in Safari functionality. In addition to blocking ads, AdBlocker BL helps you to save your data and protects you from privacy-intrusive trackers.

What AdBlock does:
This application only runs on web browser
1. Blocks all ads including:
– Video ads
– Rich media advertising, interstitial ads and floating ads
– Unwanted pop-ups and pop-unders
– Banners and text ads

2. Speeds up webpage loading and saves bandwidth, due to the removed ads and pop-ups.

3. Save battery life by only loading the content you care about

4. Helps to block spyware, adware and malware, by not loading the infected domains.

5. Helps to protect your privacy by blocking third-party tracking systems.

6. Helps to protect you from malware & phishing.

Easy to use AdBlocker BL will help you to avoid ads and protect you privacy.

Download and enjoy!