AD LPG – Ahamed Rasheed

AD LPG provides Hassle free prompt delivery of LPG in Dubai. You can book LPG Cylinders all across Dubai using AD LPG. You can book through our App and track the position of the delivery. Payment can be made either through credit card or by cash at the delivery time. Experience less waiting time and faster delivery with AD LPG.

How AD LPG works?

Signup with a simple and easy form
Log in to the app for the existing users
Update your address
Set location for your address using the map.
Select your LPG cylinder by its size.
Book LPG for now or schedule delivery later.
AD LPG delivery boy will start to your location.
Track your delivery using the map and get your estimated time of delivery.
Get your order status from order details.
Cash/Card payment on delivery to the delivery boy.
View order and transaction history.
Review your order.
You can refer a buddy and earn discounts in the next order.

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