Accountant Pro & Audit Law MEF – Sau Sophea

This application provides us a great tool for accessing the Accounting Profession and Audit Law Compendium in Cambodia which was completely prepared in 2018.
The content of the book is well-organized logically based on objectives and chronological order and well-designed based on the identification of Ministry of Economy and Finance.
With the navigation of table contents on the left slide drawer, it facilitates us to access immediately and easily to the specific law. In addition, we can search the content of the document by specific words, page number and article of a law.
Furthermore, as most of devices have problems with Khmer language, we considered to make up a Khmer keyboard which will aid us on input the text to search and will be available on all devices.
Moreover, there is a useful tutorial for helping user to know how to use this application which will tell us all about its features.