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Turn down the noise with audio.

ModioLegal has partnered with the American Bar Association’s Health Law Section, to convert its flagship publications, The Health Lawyer and ABA Health eSource, to a timely, word-for-word, human-narrated, article-specific audio format. Now, instead of forgoing billable desk-time, you can access the same information during multi-tasking activities such as commuting and exercising.

How much is an hour of your time worth?

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-Listen to word-for-word HUMAN narrations

-Automatically update to the most recent issue or navigate to prior issues through the archive

-Select the content you want to listen to with the same article-specific topic selectivity you enjoy with the text version

-Download content for offline listening

-Easily create customized playlists for hands-free listening

-Easily access the text version of all your subscriptions

-Customize your narration speed

-Connect with Student Narrators via email and/or LinkedIn

-Track how much more content your are consuming and how much desk-time your are saving by viewing your Listening Statistics


-Download the FREE ABA Health Law Audio App

-Register for the audio service by going to: https://www.modiolegal.com/subscribe/aba-health-lawyer. The service is FREE for ABA Health Law Section members.

-Go to your email for instructions on setting your password

-Login to your account

-Start saving desk-time and being more informed.