Aatman – Alltown

The activities and programs are designed in a way that would help individuals to work and achieve all the aspects of wellbeing such as Physical , Nutritional, Emotional, Intellectual, Social and Spiritual .It is a self-driven platform which encourages employees to participate in activities and drive participation on either the individual level or organizational level. The goal is to shift the culture from being neutral or working against unhealthy behavior to healthier lifestyle which is nurtured by the social culture. The employees can join these activities from anywhere. It will help to measure and track yearly participation, achievement against the wellness objectives, employee satisfaction and movement from high to low risk. This will also help employees make connection between benefits.
Top Features:
• Verified Users: Secure platform where only verified users can login
• Specially designed Initiatives: Specially designed initiatives that help individuals to transform from being to well being
• Wellness Tracker: Wellness tracker to show participation of members across all selected activities, which in turn motivates and monitor’s progress
• Wellness buddies: Members can connect with others as Wellness buddies by encouraging them to download the application

Application Focused on:
• Physical Wellbeing: It helps to build strength, flexibility and endurance resulting in a healthy life
• Nutritional Wellbeing: Helps to understand the importance of a well-balanced diet and its relation to physical and mental wellbeing
• Intellectual Wellbeing: Encourages to engage in creative and mentally stimulating activities which expand knowledge and skills
• Social Wellbeing: Helps to balance not only physical, mental , emotional and spiritual health but also participate in activities that helps the community as a whole.
• Emotional Wellbeing: Enhance the ability to pursue interests and values to gain meaning, happiness in life
• Spiritual Wellbeing: To promote development of the mind -body connection to foster and support physical, mental and emotional wellness.