8Sentiment – Mazen Kilani


The 8Sentiment app is for fun and entertainment purposes only. However, it’s based on science! It utilises Apple’s Core ML (Machine Learning) algorithms to model and evaluate datasets of tweets and text to determine the text sentiment and displays its (concise) result in one Apple Emoji.

o Tweets view: 8Sentiment launches on the Tweets view. The view accesses Twitter (using Developer Account Standard APIs) and retrieves the latest (most recent) 100 tweets posted on the subject text field. Enter the text using the Twitter @ or # tags or any free form text. The @ and # will retrieve the most accurate tweets. Once retrieved, each Tweet’s sentiment is classified as either Positive, Negative or Neutral. The total of each classification is then shown on the view and a criteria applied (see below) to determine the overall sentiment emoji.

o Text View: You can type any free form text and let the app predict the text sentiment using either Happy, Neutral or Sad emojis.

o Overall Sentiment Criteria:
Net Sentiment = Positive Total – Negative Total
– Amazing (20 to100)
– Delightful (10 to19)
– Happy (1 to 9)
– Neutral (0)
– Sad (-9 to -1)
– Melancholy ( -10 to -19)
– Angry (-20 to -100)

o Settings View: Info is this view. Credits shows Thank You’s. Privacy details the privacy policy. Blog opens a web view of 8apps.co blog (but no external navigation or web access). 8Apps & 8Games shows current apps and games for your exploration pleasure.

Important: The app accesses Twitter using Standard APIs linked to my Developer Account. I have no affiliation with Twitter or any third parties.

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