4S Mobile (Staging) – FinSolutia S.A.


4S Mobile is a companion App that enables access to Finsolutia’s 4Sight suit of Web Applications. Including 4S Loan, 4S Property and 4S Vendor.


Access to the My4S dashboard with an overview of your pending tasks and or items that require your attention. These include key indicators by state such as:

– Operations
– Pending Allocations
– Proposals
– Workouts
– Judicial Processes
– Closing
– CRMs
– Properties
– Reports
– Sale Offers
– Sales Pipeline
– Leads
– Visits

Beyond the dashboard you are able to list, filter and drill-down features for:
– CRM’s assigned to you, alerts, tasks, invoices and requests
– Access to workouts and to perform decisions on the go
– Properties, Leads, Sale Offers and Visits.
– Access to folders

Advanced Search:
– An Advanced Search feature to conveniently match “key search words” to folders, and properties.