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Color the 48 coloring pages of Colorful Animal!!
Animal Kids Coloring Book Game is an amazing game of paint with the best drawings Animals for Kids, Toddlers and very best for preschoolers. But it’s also a lot of fun for a teenager or adult. If you or your little boy or girl loves Animal that likes to color or draw, this game is great. This fun painting app lets kids choose a line drawing or coloring filling draw method on cute Animals. It helps kids to learn color combination and develop motor skills. Your kids can combine all the colors they want as well as your children can exercise their both creativity and ingenuity. Both boys and girls will love this coloring game for children. 48 Coloring Pages animal has many cute animals such as sea animal, crab, whale, dolphin, Dinosaurs, Farm animal, Cow, horse, Chicken and more cute animals.

Coloring Book Cute Animal learning games are as easy as it can be to allow your toddlers express themselves creatively. Coloring Animals pictures are organized in a simple way, so your kids could easily select a color from the palette and start drawing. To facilitate toddlers, the color palette is limited to frequently used colors.
Animals Coloring book is a coloring game for kids is focused on ease of use so that your child could immediately focus on drawing shapes and colors, precise outlines drawing, filling colors. Your toddler has also blank coloring pages to draw any kind of fairy characters and make them look like frozen for ages.

Features of 48 Pages Animal Kids Coloring Book
– 48 coloring pages with cute animals
– Multiple brushes and paint bucket
– Simple & intuitive child-friendly interface
– Universal app for all phones and tablets
– Enjoy colorful game graphics.
– Can share kid’s coloring book with family and friends on Facebook
– Age Level: 3+
– Coloring Book Game for all ages but Very Best for kids, toddlers especially first grade, second grade, third grade, fourth grade, fifth grade, and sixth grade!

Educational value
Animal Kids Coloring Book game is easy enough to be played by preschool, kindergarten, and toddlers, it is also fun to play for everyone! That Game is special for its easy, simple and kid-friendly control. The game helps to learn new skills such as problem solving, quick decision making, creativity and flexible thinking, and working-memory skills, self-control and hand-eye coordination.

Privacy Disclosure
As parents ourselves, WeGoGame takes children’s wellness and privacy very seriously. Our app:
• Does not contain any in-app purchases
• Does not collect personal data
But yes, it does contain advertising as that’s our means of providing the app free of cost to you – the ads are carefully placed such that the kid is least likely to click on it while playing.
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