3D Archery Master : Arrow Archer Action Game – Muhammad Tahir


Practice makes perfect with 3D Archery Equipment : Real Hunting Cross-Bow Game play is to shoot a Target board with bow and arrow and make a great high score.
Play this fun and simple game to become a master archer. The physics animation used in this game is very detailed and accurate.
Get your name on the top of the Leader board. You have many arrows. Hit the Target to Get more Points. If all of your shots will be excellent, then you will get bonus arrow!
World Archery Master is a game give you a great experience, to challenge yourself or your public in leader board. Discover this game by downloading it .It’s Easy to play, hard to master, but so amusing. The game play requires readiness, & good aiming skills.

How to play Archery Master
1.Hold and drag the arrow, release to shoot.
2.Hitting the target and get scores.