200 – Classic Version……. – Gunjan Kalani


It is a game that tests your brain’s reflexes!

Simply tap to shoot the colored balls at the center. But remember the color of the shooting ball must be same as the central node color. Four colored shooters surround a central colored node and on tapping any of them fires a respective colored ball. If the central circle’s color and the ball’s color are the same, they merge and a new color appears and this goes on until you fire a wrong colored ball or your time gets over. Remember, you will get only 200 centi seconds per game and hence the name. Every correct fired ball will increase your time so that you have more opportunity to score more and beat your friends’ score.

Features include :-

1) Simple UI
2) Addictive gameplay
3) Cool music and sound effects
4) View your current and high score anytime
5) Nice animation
6) Game Center(Compete with your friends)
7) No IAP and much more

You need to be focused, precise, very quick and have a good judging skill!!

Immerse yourself into this cool and fast paced strategy game. Have fun.. 🙂