1Buy User Edition – shi wanqi


1Buy is a bridge between consumers and businesses, and is committed to building the best living service platform in the Philippines.
【1buy introduction】
1buy only provides professional quality take-out service .1Buy’s aim is to make your life “more choices, more benefits, more convenience.”1Buy is the intimate butler around you, making your life easier and more accessible. For example, food: Here, you can enjoy food choices from different regions and different styles, Philippine style, Chinese cuisine, Japanese and Korean cuisine, healthy vegetarian food, delicious western food, etc., let the world be at your side, save time and effort, with Call it to meet all your needs for food. For example, delivery: We provide you with the fastest and most intimate buying platform.
Eat food without leaving home
Concessions and benefits, enjoy more convenience
Quality business to meet the needs of food
On time, you will enjoy fresh health
Security, protection number privacy
【contact us】
1buy upholds the user first, pays special attention to your experience. If you have any questions, please contact us through the contact information below, we will deal with it as soon as possible; if you like 1buy, remember to light the stars, We will work hard to be the best!
Phone: 02-2535644