+1billion Smoothie RecipesFREE – Alejandro Tulio Camus Hernandez

The idea behind this app is to give you access to a huge a mount of creative and good recipes for smoothies.

Never run out of ideas for smoothies!

While you can get 100 or so recipes in a book or other apps with +1b you can generate billions of tasty recipes. (Yes, billions. It sounds like a bit too much but go to the end to read about the numbers.)

This app doesn’t just make entirely random smoothies but goes through an algorithm to generate tasty ones.

– Don’t like an ingredient? Disable it in the ingredient settings.

– Info and tips are available for each ingredient.

– Too many bananas on the counter? Crank bananas all the way up in the settings, your recipe will contain bananas.

-Choose what kind of smoothie you want to make: juice-based, nut milk-based, green smoothie or a bowl?

– Save your favorite recipes and share them.


For the math curious -> How many recipes can this app really generate?

There are 56 main ingredients in the app, the app chooses up to 4 of these, so we get about 367,290 possible combinations (order of fruits doesn’t matter). Then there are 14 possible juices from which we can also combine up to 4, that makes 1,820 juice combinations. So the possible combinations of juices and fruits amounts to 367 million. Two out of 15 superfoods gives us 105 possibilities. Up to 3 out of 24 “other” ingredients makes 2,024 possibilities. Spice things up with 78 possibilities. Finally we have 46 possible base ingredient bases and 8 possible sweeteners.

After multiplying all these we get 4, followed by 18 zeros, or 4 quintillion (in US and Canadian nomenclature).

Of course the app also adjusts ingredients and possibilities to keep it tasty, but even after this it will still be a big number.