11:11 WishingWell – Stanley Adigwe


11:11 Wishing Well is your newest and most interactive gifting and Wishlist application. The focus is the User centred around individual, specific and unique style, likes and trends that incorporate personality and desire.

Our goals are client satisfaction, user friendliness, individual focus and overall customer experience incorporated with season, style and time not to mention our main feature which is the item state check and input.

Our number one objective is to narrow the spectrum of near misses, dissatisfaction, ill-fits and undesirable items, all of this geared towards to bringing your every wish and desire to life when it counts and matters the most.

• Upload wishes in real time while browsing, window shopping or even stumbling across an item or gift.

• Take advantage of our item state button of user wish lists, figure out the availability of an item and be the first to purchase said item for a loved one.

• Save time and take the stress out completely from deciding, figuring out and choosing items to purchase for family and friends.

• Make the most of our events feature, enter birthdays and special days you don’t want to forget, so you always remember to make a wish come true with our automated prompts.

• Check for Item prices, size and item location via store or URL using our details page.

• Filter by categories, save events and invite family and friends

• Make it super specific, enter detailed fields (i.e: size, price, colour, item lacation or item URL) for your desired wish.

• Make online purchases, view item details, stores and locations.

• View and utilize in app size guide for gift apparel.

Gift well, right, now.