eホーム – NextDrive Co.

eホーム bonds all energy information together. You can easily view sales of solar energy and be reminded when it is less than your setting amount.

1. Electricity data visualization

eホーム can chart your electricity data and analyze in real time by daliy, weekly and monthly basis. With high usage alerts, you’ll receive alerts and be able to manage your electricity budget.

2. Monitor electricity sales in real-time

When electricity sales is less than your setting amount, eホーム will send notifications to you.

3. Live a hands-free, smart and comfortable life

eホーム detects the temperature and humidity with a sensor. You can seamlessly control the air-conditioner as your preference with the infrared remote control.

4. Record every important video

eホーム can recognize the physical movement with motion sensors. When an object is moved, eホーム wiil send a 30-second video recording through Cam (5 seconds before and 25 seconds after the event is triggered). Enable you to see, understand and record every activity even when you’re away.

5. Connected with the “家電手帳” App for free

Manage appliance warranty which has expired or is about to expire with the “家電手帳” App.