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Stories is a smart app to simplify the planning of all your real life experiences. Explore a range of activities, find great places, invite your friends, chat with them and create a new story every day! 🙂

**Connect with all your friends**
Write a new story with each of your favorite groups – cousins galore, BFFs, Baddy Buddies, Beer Buds, etc.

**Explore activities and cool places**
Grab lunch together, fix a picnic for easter, run together along a new trail or compete for bragging rights on beer pong.

**Send a comprehensive, feature-packed invite**
Select a place/activity, receive instant responses, save the date and time in your calendar, make reservations and so much more with just a few taps.

**Keep the story going**
Stay connected via text messages in 1-to-1 or group chats. The story only evolves, until your next meet-up!

—Contact us/Feedback—
We are happy to answer all your queries on the app and most importantly, eager to hear your feedback. Please drop a note to us at and we will get in touch shortly.

Enjoy your stories!

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