Math Made EZ – Tharusha Cumaranatunge


Practice addition and subtraction with a large number keypad and a worksheet area. Carryover scratch area for addition and easy cross out of numbers in subtraction. Special features to accommodate challenges with inaccuracy in pressing keys and movement challenges. Best user experience is on iPads due to larger display area than iPhones.

-Adjustable key repetition delay to help prevent accidental number presses, especially for kids with ataxia or other medical conditions that affect the accuracy of pressing keys
-App designed to accommodate number presses that normally may not register due to key pressing anomalies from ataxia or other hand movement challenges
-Show/hide placement value labels (thousands, hundreds etc.)
-Show/hide thousands column
-Answer check button to verify answers
-Automatically advances the cursor to next cell while typing number to provide a natural typing experience
-Scratch area for addition carryovers and subtraction borrowing
-Cross out numbers in subtraction
-When a cell is selected, only applicable keys for that cell are enabled; other keys are grayed out to make it easier