FIT: Fitness Interval Timer – Christopher Moore


This is a simple Workout Timer app that lets you customize exercise durations (interval), transition time between exercises, and rest time between sets.

FIT (Fitness Interval Timer) allows you to create custom exercise routines, each with a set of up to 10 custom exercises and durations.

Choose up to 10 exercises for each routine, and then choose up to 10 sets to allow for variation in exercises being performed in each routine.

The current exercise and set, as well as the completed ones, are clearly marked with green for current and white for completed.

For each exercise, transition, or rest time, when there are 3 seconds left, and beep is presented to let you know that the end of that set time is approaching, and another double beep to signify the beginning of the next exercise, transition, or rest time.

This workout timer is designed to be as simple, yet effective as possible in helping you achieve your fitness and health goals.

The simple design and ease of use are all purposefully engineered to allow a very quick exercise routine setup, so that you can begin working out as fast as possible.

There is no signup required, no email address or password necessary, and no spam whatsoever. As this app is FREE, with no in-app purchases, there are also no ads.

Try it and see if it works for you the way that it works for me. If you love it, let us know! If you have any suggestions for improvements or features you would like to see, tell us about them! If you hate it or have any problems with it, let us know and we’ll do what we can to improve it! What better way to improve the app than by getting your constructive feedback!