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Genre: Lifestyle
Release Date: June 22, 2016

From Michelin-star restaurants to local cafes, you can easily find and apply to hourly gigs or permanent work with the Instawork app.

*We’re currently operating in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle and Washington DC, and coming soon to more cities!*

The Instawork app helps you:

– Increase your take-home pay with permanent jobs and hourly gigs that fit your schedule
– Connect with exciting new food and beverage businesses and build connections with other restaurant pros
– Have a flexible schedule and easily choose where you work and when
– Learn and expand your skill set with each new gig
– Get peace of mind knowing there are always gigs available when you need to pick up an extra shift
– Increase your chances to get hired permanently by working with new hospitality businesses in the area

The Instawork app makes it easy to:

– Quickly create your profile to apply for jobs or gigs – no more paper resumes
– Add co-workers and managers as references
– Apply to work hourly gigs on your own schedule and earn up to $30/hr
– Book gigs and manage your schedule
– View your earnings as you complete each job and get paid weekly
– Search and browse for permanent jobs near you – No more Craigslist searches!
– Directly book interviews for permanent jobs
– Easily schedule and manage your interviews
– Communicate with businesses right from the app

Jobs and Gigs opportunities listed through Instawork:

– Assistant / Floor Manager
– Bar Back
– Barista
– Bartender
– Busser
– Cashier
– Chef
– Counter Staff / Cashier
– Deli / Grocery
– Dish Prep
– Dishwasher
– Even Captain
– Event Server
– Event Setup and Takedown
– Food Runner
– General Manager
– Host / Reservationist
– Kitchen Cleanup
– Line Cook
– Pastry / Baker
– Prep Cook
– Runner
– Server
– Sous Chef / Kitchen Manager
– Sushi Chef

What pros say about Instawork:

"Before I knew about Instawork, I would walk into restaurants and ask if they were hiring and I always was ignored and when they did hire me they wouldn't give me the opportunity to show my skills. I was always put as a dishwasher. With Instawork gigs I walk into a restaurant feeling confident and know that I will be treated with respect".
Jose, prep cook​ and dishwasher, San Francisco

“Instawork gigs makes it more stable for me. I used to be afraid to say no to work on holidays but now I’m able to move my schedule around”.
Miriam, event server, South San Francisco

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Zogo: Get paid to learn – Zogo Finance

Zogo Finance - Zogo: Get paid to learn artwork Zogo: Get paid to learn
Zogo Finance
Genre: Education
Release Date: October 2, 2019

Zogo empowers you to learn financial literacy and get paid while doing it. Pick from a wide list of gift cards and as you progress through learning modules you will earn pineapples that are directly exchanged for the gift card you selected!

It's an easy and fun learning experience 🙂
© © 2019 Zogo, Inc.

Learn English: FluentWorlds 3D – Virtual Immersive Educational Worlds, Inc.

Virtual Immersive Educational Worlds, Inc. - Learn English: FluentWorlds 3D artwork Learn English: FluentWorlds 3D
Virtual Immersive Educational Worlds, Inc.
Genre: Education
Release Date: December 21, 2015

Why have nearly a million people around the world downloaded FluentWorlds to learn English?

It is because FluentWorlds provides a truly new and amazing way for learning English on mobile devices – it is the first fully-immersive mobile app for learning English that takes users through real-world situations, conversations and scenarios in beautiful 3D levels.

Why is this 3D immersive method so important?

It is because, to learn any new language, as scholars and students agree it is most effective to be immersed in the places and situations that allow you to practice that new language as it helps with speed of learning, retention, recall, and memory – indeed, it is far superior to simply memorizing words on flashcards in a classroom!

FluentWorlds: Features and Benefits

– Prompts, feedback, and tutorials in nearly 20 different languages to get you started quickly, from Spanish to Mandarin to French and more

– A 200,000 word dictionary to help you translate between your native language and the new English words you're learning quickly and easily.

– 3,000 of the most common spoken English words taught across a series of games and scenarios

– 55 different adventures in real-world places and situations from Central Park to Las Vegas to the grocery store, office, movie theater, and more

– Advanced voice recognition and speech analysis to help you perfect your spoken English accent and pronunciation

– Over 100 hours of training content with a map, word counter and assessment levels to help you track your progress as you learn

– And many more!

What language and technology experts are saying about FluentWorlds:

Jeff Adams, Father of the Amazon Echo and world leader in Voice Recognition Technology:

"Since leaving Amazon and successfully launching the Echo, I have been searching for the next great thing – remarkably, it is immersive language learning. I am delighted to be partnering with FluentWorlds. Together we are creating something to enable the world to learn English and languages in a way that has never been done before.”

Nick Macey: Former Chief Product Officer, Rosetta Stone:

"The FLUENTWORLDS environment provides a revolutionary opportunity for teaching language. By blending an immersive environment with its teaching capabilities, I believe it will become the preferred way for learners to learn.”

Tim Doner – HyperPolyglot and 2nd year Harvard student; can speak 22 languages:

"Wow! Been playing the FluentWorlds app for weeks and it looks incredible. The little touches all add up to a truly thrilling product. So excited to see the future of language learning brought to you by FluentWorlds."
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