1000+ Big English Words – CUBISMy



1 A colourful picture word book with illustrations of around a thousand everyday words.
2 Words are arranged by theme, providing lots to spot and talk about together.
3 A fun way to build vocabulary, with delightful pictures to pore over.
4 CLICK WORDS to learn and Listen to all the words read by a British English speaker (& Chiese Character)
5 In the menu scene, you can select ‘Exam Mode’ . kids can get a socre (correct rate) in Exam mode .


– At home and in the garden
– In the living room
– In the kitchen
– In town
– Getting around
– At school
– Sports and hobbies
– Family and special occasions
– Jobs
– My body and health
– Clothes
– At the market
– At the café
– On the farm
– At the zoo
– Weather and seasons
– Numbers and days
– Around the world
– Where are they?
– Story words
– Colours and shapes
– What are they like?
– Opposite words
– I can…
– I like to…